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Checked into Pennsylvania Convention Center

PHILADELPHIA — Enjoying a night with Mary J. Bilge in concert at the 2022 Zeta Phi Beta Grand Boulé. 


Checked into Homewood Field

Premier Lacrosse League WhipSnakes vs. Redwood 


Checked into Palette 22

N. Patrick and T. Kent at Palatte 22

ARLINGTON, Va. — Lunch at Palette 22.


Checked into Granddaddy’s Skillet

Granddaddy's Skillet Soulfood Restaurant


Checked into Poe Middle School

Poe Middle School monthly PTSA meeting


Black Lightning: Brick City Blues

Finished Reading: Black Lightning: Brick City Blues by Tony Isabella • Eddy Newell


Just a short distance away from downtown’s gleaming skyscrapers, gourmet restaurants and trendy boutiques exists a second and largely forgotten neighborhood. Brick City is the home of people who have nothing to hope for. The derelict community represents the end of everyone’s broken dreams.

Drugs, poverty and despair have strangled Brick City for years, but now a savior has arrived. By day, Jefferson Pierce is educating and inspiring kids at Carver High School, and at night—as Black Lightning—he’s torching gang houses and scorching scofflaws. A major change is coming to Brick City and Black Lightning is the dork for the revolution. 

BLACK LIGHTNING: BRICK CITY BLUES features the creative talents of industry legends Tony Isabella and Eddy Newell. This volume collects the complete mid-90s return of BLACK LIGHTNING (issues #1-13) along with a supplemental short story called “‘Twas the Night Before Kwanzaa” from DCU HOLIDAY BASH II.


Played Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is a platform game in which players control Mario as he travels across many different worlds, known as "Kingdoms", on the Odyssey, a hat-shaped ship, to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser, who plans to forcibly marry her.


Listened to The King Majestic EP

Listened to The King Majestic EP


This EP is a collection of hymns, prayers, and prophetic words. Celebrating the Kingship of Jesus and his impressive beauty and dignity (majesty).

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