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Little Kent's First NFL Game

LANDOVER, Md. — Little Kent 1 and Little Kent 2 attended their first NFL game on Sunday as they watched the Atlanta Falcons defeat Washington's NFL franchise 38-14.


Museum of the Bible

WASHINGTON — Finding our names at the Museum of the Bible.


Braves Win!!!

WASHINGTON — It was a wonderful evening for baseball at Nationals Park with the family as the Braves beat the Nationals 3-1.


70’s Style

CHARLESTON, SC — Enjoying a few moments of fun during the 70’s Party during the 2018 Dunbar Family Reunion.


Fishing with Grandpa

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Spending the morning fishing with Grandpa Kent, the nieces, and the Little Kents.

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Excuse me waiter....

ANNANDALE, Va. — Served by a very familiar looking waiter during the Mason Crest Elementary 5th Grade Spaghetti Night.


Winter Wonderland

ANNANDALE, Va. —Little Kent 1 and Little Kent 2 made a snowman after Wednesday’s snow.


Jellyfish Invasion

BALTIMORE — The Jellyfish Invasion exhibit at the National Aquarium.


Learning about Jellyfish

BALTIMORE — Little Kent 2 learning about jellyfish during a visit to the National Aquarium.

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