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Father’s Day Golfing

Father’s Day Golfing

CLIFTON, Va. — Perfect weather and even better company for a Father’s Day golf afternoon.


A Letter to My Mom on Mother's Day 2020

A Letter to My Mom on Mother's Day 2020

I am Absolon, the son of Patrica, the daughter of Amanda, the daughter of Mary.

I was blessed with a mother whose kindness and compassion were the examples set before me in my youth. A mother whose joyful presence and warmth turned our house into a home full of life and love. She persistently prayed for me and her unwavering support is the foundation that I stand in every season of my life.

Although she is no longer with me here today, I honor her and her mothers today on Mother's Day because I am a husband and a father today because of them.


Happy Mother's Day in Heaven.

Love Your Son,



Low humidity and no bugs...I’m trying my best not to fall asleep in this hammock.


Mother's Day 2018

Mother's Day 2018

ANNANDALE, Va. — Blessed to spend Mother's Day with Mrs. Kent and the Little Kents.

Photo by Allen Boichot, Capital Baptist Church


A Evening Out

A Evening Out

ANNNANDALE, Va. — Enjoying an evening at James Smithsonian Society's New Member Reception at the the City Club of Washington with Mrs. Kent.


What am I thankful for?

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What am I thankful for? Plenty, because I have been truly blessed. I’m thankful for her and them. Yes, I am thankful for it. I’m thankful for them because they always make me laugh, and for it because it always makes me smile.I am thankful for Christmas because it means Jesus was born. I’m thankful for Easter, because it means he rose. But more than anything today, I’m thankful for two things…grace and mercy. So I wanted to take 120 of my 86,400 seconds today to just say “Thank you for grace and mercy.”

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A letter to my sons on Father’s Day (2009)

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Malcolm and Matty,

It’s been a full year since my last letter to you and it has been a busy 12 months. In that time you have changed schools, made new friends, learned to swim and grown a lot. For the most part, I have enjoyed our many moments alone while your momma was away. We have cried a little, laughed a lot, and hopefully, for you, started a life that is fun and rewarding. It hasn't been a big shiny life, but it has been satisfying for me.

I don’t know if I was ready to be a dad before either of you entered my life but once you were born I knew I had to become one. I didn't know the first thing about raising children or raising a boy to be a man and you didn't come with instructions. But as your father, I like to think your mother and I are doing a pretty good job with you. We had to and still have to learn most things on our own, but much of the urgency of the early days are gone, and not by luck, but with hard work, making hard decisions, and lots of love.

Malcolm, as I find myself assisting and explaining life's little instructions to you, I can see that you are growing into such an independent man. I know at times I can be rough on you about cleaning your room or playing in church, but you are softening me up quite a bit. I promise that I will give you your space, but not too much.

Matty, When you were born I asked myself if I would I be able to handle another son? Raising you is a different experience from raising your brother for so many different reasons. Even at two I can see that you will be an extraordinary young man full of courage and heart. When I place your hand in my hand I notice how the size difference is not as much as it used to be. Sometimes I see my grandfather’s face when I look at you and I smile because of the great man that he was. Other times I see my dad and I remember what a strong man he is.

To you both I say: My wish for you, as your father, is that you find someone to experience the bigness of this world with and that you grow old with that someone. Your mother has been a great wife and is the most important noun in my life. When we met, she challenged me to be a better human being and made me shift my priorities and reassess my value system. I pray that you find someone to do the same for you and you are blessed to have children as wonderful as you are.

As each of you were born I realized I was responsible for helping you to become good men. As you are growing I’m willing to give you my time, my attention, my love, and my hugs and I am happy to give them all to you. You have been great sons, and I have tried to be a great dad for you both. I have no doubt that you will become tremendous men. I want you to always remember, I will be there for you, no matter what obstacles you may face in this life.


Your daddy

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