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The Flash Vol. 1: Lightning Strikes Twice (Graphic Novel)

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<article class=\"h-entry h-read\">n <h2 class=\"p-name e-content\">n <a class=\"u-url\" href=\"\">n <i class=\"fa fa-book\"></i>n The Flash Vol. 1: Lightning Strikes Twice (Graphic Novel) </a>n </h2>n n <div class=\"e-content\">n <p><data class=\"p-read-status\" value=\"reading\">Reading: </data> <cite class=\"p-read-of h-cite\"><a href=\"\">The Flash Vol. 1: Lightning Strikes Twice (Graphic Novel)</a><cite> by Joshua Williamson, Carmine Di Giandomenico, Ivan Plascencia</p><br />n <p> </p><p style=\"font-style:normal;color:#555555;\">A new storm brews over Central City and disproves the old adage about lightning never striking twice! Just as Barry begins to feel overwhelmed fighting crime, a new speedster appears—but just where did this amazing new ally come from? Now, the Fastest Man Alive finds himself in a city of speedsters—and dealing with the reappearance of Wally West! Collects <strong>THE FLASH: REBIRTH #1</strong> plus issues #1-8 of the new series.</p><p style=\"font-style:normal;color:#555555;\"><em>Summary from <a href=\"\"></a>.</em></p> </div>nn <div style=\"display: none;\">n <p class=\"h-card vcard p-author\">n <a href=\"\" class=\"icon-container\">n <img class=\"u-logo logo u-photo photo\" src=\"\"/>n </a>n <a class=\"p-name fn u-url url\" href=\"\">Absolon Kent</a>n <a class=\"u-url\" href=\"\">n <!-- This is here to force the hand of your MF2 parser --></a>n </p>n </div>n</article>n