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McLean 1

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<article class=\"h-review known-soccer\">n <h2 class=\"p-name\"><span class=\"fa fa-soccer-ball-o\"></span> n <a class=\"u-url\" href=\"\">n Annandale Panthers vs. McLean 1 </a>n <span class=\"h-geo\">n <data class=\"p-latitude\" value=\"38.931104863484244\"></data>n <data class=\"p-longitude\" value=\"-77.22296476364136\"></data>n </span>n </h2>n <div class=\"\"><p><span class=\"fa fa-pencil-square\"></span> Final Score: Annandale Panthers 7, McLean 1: 3</span></div>nn <div class=\"\"><p><span class=\"fa fa-calendar\"></span> Game Date and Time: Saturday 09-21-2019 09:00</span></p></div>nn <div class=\"\"><p><span class=\"fa fa-cloud\"></span> Game time weather: Sunny</span></p></div>n n <div class=\"\"><p><span class=\"fa fa-map-marker\"></span>Ken Lawrence Park</span></p></div>nn <div class=\"\"><p><span class=\"fa fa-location-arrow\"></span>8008 Jones Branch Dr, Tysons, VA 22102, USA</span></p></div>nn <div class=\"p-map\">n n <p><strong><img style=\"display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;\" src=\"\" alt=\"\" width=\"600\" height=\"400\"></strong></p><p><strong>MCLEAN, Va. —</strong> The Panthers move to 2-0-1 on the season with a win over McLean 1. View photos from the game online at <a href=\"\"></a>. <a href=\"\" class=\"p-category\" rel=\"tag\">#AnnandalePanthers</a> <a href=\"\" class=\"p-category\" rel=\"tag\">#AnnandaleSoccer</a> <a href=\"\" class=\"p-category\" rel=\"tag\">#YouthSoccer</a> <a href=\"\" class=\"p-category\" rel=\"tag\">#SoccerDad</a> <a href=\"\" class=\"p-category\" rel=\"tag\">#PreciousFatherMoments</a> <a href=\"\" class=\"p-category\" rel=\"tag\">#TeamKent</a></p> </div>n n <div class=\"p-item h-product\">n nn n n <div style=\"display: none;\">n <p class=\"h-card vcard p-reviewer\">n <a href=\"\" class=\"icon-container\">n <img class=\"u-logo logo u-photo photo\" src=\"\"/>n </a>n <a class=\"p-name fn u-url url\" href=\"\">Absolon Kent</a>n <a class=\"u-url\" href=\"\">n <!-- This is here to force the hand of your MF2 parser --></a>n </p>n </div>n</article>n